Author: Partners In Care Yorkshire

How to choose a domiciliary care provider

Domiciliary care is another way of describing home care. This is when people prefer to stay at home when they become less able or unwell. Domiciliary care agencies provide care workers to support people at home.

This can be nerve wracking for people if they have never needed this type of care. Consider exactly what care or support you need and work out your budget. This is important when you start to look at the cost of the care.

Think about what is important to you and make a list. Some preferences such as having a male or female care worker may limit your options of domiciliary care agencies. In addition you may think about certain qualities you would prefer care workers to have. Remember, you will need to build a rapport with that person.

When you are ready you can start to research the agencies in your area. They must be registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide personal care to you and this should be clear on their website. If they don’t have a website ask them to show you their registration certificate.

If you need any help funding your care the agency must be approved by the local authority and be on their approved provider list. You can check this with your local authority adult social care team or the agency themselves.

Strangers coming into your home is never easy. You will want to reassure yourself that the necessary checks of care workers backgrounds have been completed by the agency. These should include criminal record checks, making sure the person is not barred from working in this type of setting, references from a previous employer or person who has known the care worker. You are entitled to know if these checks have been carried out so ask!

When you have decided on the agency you want to provide your care the next step should be an initial assessment. This means that you will be asked about the type of support you want, the time you want to receive that support and for how long. You want to know that care workers understand your individual wants and needs. A member of the local authority adult social care team may have carried out an assessment if they are helping to fund your care. If not a person who is qualified to do the assessment will visit you and ask about your needs and preferences to get a clear picture in order to decide if they are able to meet those needs.

The assessor should be happy to answer any of your questions and be able to do so with confidence. Information about the service you have chosen should be given to you to read through. The assessor will either tell you immediately that they can provide the service you want or will contact you soon after the visit to let you know. They may wish to check rotas and other details before committing to the provision of care.

Once you know a contract should be given to you outlining the details and this should be signed by yourself and the provider of the service. The contract should show the cost of the service, visits you are to receive and the start date. You are ready to start receiving care and support!!