The current Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which began in
December 2019, presents a significant challenge to us at Partners In Care
Yorkshire and in the wider community.
Given that information is still emerging, we are uncertain of the impact of the
outbreak on our business. In order to maintain our service and to maintain the
safety of our clients and staff we have developed a continuity plan in order to
minimise the impact of this new virus on our service.
We will be guided by current evidence and guidance issued by the UK
government, NHS England and other agencies such as CQC and our local
Government advice requires us all to avoid unnecessary contact with people.
Of course we are caring for people in the vulnerable category and so we will
assess each persons needs as normal and decide if the contact is necessary.
Our staff are working hard to maintain continuity of service by following guidelines carefully to
maintain their own well being in order that they can carry out all visits. We are supporting staff
by providing them with personal protective equipment and giving them daily updates and
guidance. Our aim is to continue to work as normal for as long as possible but if
necessary will look at people’s care needs individually should we find our
capacity to provide care challenged.
Everyone will continue to receive a service where possible either through a
visit from staff or a monitoring telephone call. We will work with local authority
staff, NHS staff and your families when making those decisions.